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RRDAC Policies

1) Registration: Due to space limitations at Lake Murray, only 270 spots are available for the camp. These will be filled as applications and payments are received. Once we have the maximum enrollment, no more students can be accepted (this means first come-first served). Please note that all lodging at Lake Murray is designed for 2 people per bed (king & queen sized beds).

2) Online Registration Fee: $285.00 balance per student due in full by June 1. This means only full payments can be accepted since we must guarantee the lodging and meals at Lake Murray by June 1. There can be NO REFUNDS ISSUED AFTER JUNE 1! Please consider this when you register. Credit Card payment price is $285.00. You can pay online at: www.redrivercamp.com or call 580-745-2014 for assistance. You will need to either register online OR print & sign, then mail the registration form.

3) Optional Fees:
*$50 optional private drumline rehearsal fee due by June 1. This includes 3 rehearsals with your entire drumline on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. We must have your music before the camp begins. It is also expected that your students will have practiced the music before the first rehearsal. A limited number of spots are open for this and will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

*Individual private lessons with colorguard & drum major members are $10 per student due by June 1. These lessons are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30. A limited number of spots are open for this and will be filled on a first come-first served basis. Limit one lesson per student.

4) Purchase Orders: School purchase orders will be accepted provided we receive the completed purchase order AND PAYMENT by June 1. We cannot accept purchase orders that cannot be PAID by June 1. If you need to process a purchase order or need our tax-exempt number, please contact us so that the purchase order can be completed before June 1st.

5) Directors and Guests: Directors & Guests are responsible for their own expenses. This year's expenses are:
*ROOMS: $129 per night for four nights (Please Note: 2 people per cabin, directors will stay in the 2-person cabins).
*MEALS: $136
*TOTAL = $265 per director for lodging and meals.

6) Friday Performance: The final performance/ceremony on Friday will take place at the Lake Murray Lodge patio & lakefront. Parents and guests are invited to attend at 12:00PM. We please ask that parents not come to the Resort early on Friday as the dining and other facilities can only accommodate our camp members.

7) Equipment: Drumline and Colorguard members are responsible for bringing their own equipment to the camp. Pit & Cymbal members should bring their mallets and a pair of crash cymbals (large equipment will be provided). Each drumline and pit/cymbals member should also bring a MUSIC STAND. Drum Majors should bring music scores and recordings of music they wish to work on at camp.

8) Evening Activities: All camp members are required to attend the evening activities each night. Students involved with private rehearsals or lessons must attend as soon as they finish. Students must return to their rooms/cabins at 9:30 each night with lights out at 11:00.

9) Meals: The following meals are provided: Mon. lunch & dinner / Tues. breakfast, lunch & dinner / Wed. breakfast, lunch & dinner / Thurs. breakfast, lunch & dinner / Fri. breakfast & lunch. All meals will be furnished by Lake Murray Resort food services. They have arranged to serve a well balanced menu with a variety of selections. Special accommodations for meals need to be submitted in writing to the camp directors no later than June 1.

10) Safety: Students will be chaperoned at all times during the camp. All participants must attend all scheduled functions. Camp participants are not allowed to leave the park grounds unless chaperoned by their parent/guardian. Parent must sign out their child in order to leave the camp. NO COMMUTERS. Camp members are not allowed to drive their personal vehicles once camp begins. Use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs is not allowed at any time. Violations will result in immediate dismissal from the camp and notification of the local authorities if appropriate. Parents will be contacted and expected to come pick up their child. A registered nurse will be on call for the entire camp and a police officer will patrol the lodge and cabin areas each night. Each student must fill out and have their parent/guardian sign a medical release form before checking into the camp Monday morning. A camp handbook with all pertinent information, including an emergency contact number, will be mailed in mid-June to all students who have registered.

11) Miscellaneous: Dress for the camp is casual & cool. You do not need any formal clothing. If you wish to swim during the week you will need a swimsuit. We will be providing you with a camp t-shirt for our final performance. You may wear shorts to the final performance. Linens & Towels are provided in all rooms AND cabins. You only need to bring personal items and clothing. All lodge rooms have phones but the cabins do not have phones. You may want to have access to a cell phone for emergencies. Parents are invited to the final performance at 12:00PM on Friday at the Lake Murray Lodge patio and back lawn. We ask that parents not come to the Resort early on Friday as the dining and other facilities can only accommodate our camp members.

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Credit card payment price is $285

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Camp Dates: July 9-13, 2018

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